SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL ASSESSMENTS. This type of assessment focuses on social & emotional dynamics that are important in understanding an individual’s growth and/or difficulties that may be present. It is often referred to as a personality assessment. The following social/emotional areas are assessed within our practice: 

  • EARLY CHILDHOOD RELATIONAL ASSESSMENTS. This type of assessment is used when considering the qualities of a relationship between young children/infants and their caretakers. This type of assessment is typically completed for young children (up to 6 years old). 
  • GENERAL SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL ASSESSMENTS. Projective and personality inventory assessments are utilized in the service of understanding emotional regulation, self-esteem and social belongingness, among a host of other factors. This type of assessment can be conducted for individuals across the age range. 
  • GENERAL MENTAL HEALTH EVALUATIONS. These briefer assessments are often conducted when required of an individual aiming to obtain an overview of emotional well-being. Common uses include adoption pre-placement assessments/evaluations (as part of adoption applications intended to determine an applicants capabilities to meet the needs of an adopted child), immigration hardship evaluations (for individuals and families experiencing immigration issues, as well as asylum seekers), disability evaluations, and other uses.