Frequently Asked Questions


How long are therapy sessions? 
Therapy sessions typically last 50 minutes. 

How long is the assessment process? 
The assessment process begins with an initial planning session (1 hour), and the feedback occurs approximately 4 to 5 weeks later. Each individual session is approximately 1.5-2 hours. 

What should we expect when beginning therapy?
Following a 15 minute phone consultation, the therapy process begins with an initial session (if the focus is child therapy, then this session includes parents only). Your therapist will then meet with you (or with your child) for two to three sessions to establish rapport, and to assess for presenting concerns. This is followed by a planning session to establish the goals and objectives of therapy moving forward. 

What should we expect when beginning an assessment?  
(For Comprehensive Assessments, e.g., learning difference evaluations, social & emotional evaluations) Following a 15 minute phone consultation, the assessment process begins with a planning session to establish the referral question (what question will the assessment help to answer?) and the tools/measures that will be used. This will help determine the number of sessions (usually between 3 to 4), scheduling of those sessions, and an estimate of cost. Once the assessment sessions are completed, a feedback sessions is scheduled (approximately one week after the final testing session). The feedback session is accompanied by a draft of the report. Following the feedback session you will receive a final draft that will include analysis of the data, diagnostic implications, recommendations/accommodations. 

A school admission/entrance evaluation generally requires only an evaluation of cognitive abilities (IQ) and this process involves a 15 minute phone consultation, the assessment itself (1.5-2 hours) and a parent feedback session one week later (accompanied by the report). 

What paperwork should be completed prior to an appointment? 
Please complete the intake form most appropriate (e.g., child, adult, etc.) under the forms and resources tab. Also, please complete and review the consent form (some spaces may be left blank), as well as any releases (authorization to release information) that may be needed. You can also review the notice of privacy rights online, and can complete the receipt of privacy rights form. 

How do I talk to my child about therapy or an assessment? 
This question is answered here.

What assessments are used for admission/school entrance evaluations?
Depending on age, either the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, 4th edition (WPPSI-IV) or the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, 5th edition (WISC-V). Achievement testing is primarily conducted using the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, 3rd edition (WIAT III). The Differential Ability Scales, 2nd edition (DAS-II) and the Woodcock Johnson Tests are also available and used on occasion within the practice. More comprehensive assessments utilize a variety of different measures.