Our Brain On Stories

One of my earliest loves was a good story. “I’ll Love you Forever,” Nancy Drew-anything, a great series, I was all about reading as a kid. I was asked in elementary school why I loved it so much and responded with “you can go anywhere and never leave your chair!”
I still love good stories, and have always wondered why they always make me feel and experience a neurological sense of wanderlust. When I started studying the brain, I realized a story does not stop at the words that are printed on the page, or how we read those strings of words… stories activate parts in our brain that remind us of experiences related to the events that take place in the story.
Have a look at this article and think about what makes you really experience a story- what you feel, what you perceive, and what you catch yourself daydreaming about later. Maybe this summer you can get lost in a story, or share some of your favorites with those you love most.

Jordan Huber, Birch Psychology