Therapy Services: $150/Session

Group Therapy Services: $1050/Group (12 week/session group, $75/each; Parent Intake, $150).

Assessment Services: Assessment services vary greatly depending on how extensive the assessment needs are. Brief assessments range from $350 (for intellectual abilities tests, i.e., WISC/WPPSI) to $1250 (for brief learning assessments). More extensive assessments range in cost from $1600-$2500. Please note that costs can vary depending on each individual case. The initial interview finalizes the cost of the assessment once the assessment plan has been determined. 

Consultation Services: General hourly consultation is $150/session. Educational consultation fees vary depending on the packages selected. Please see the educational consultation page to understand the extensive services included in each package. 

  • Educational Planning: $850
  • Giftend and Talented Strategic Planning: $850
  • Building Blocks: $3100

Birch Psychology accepts payments at the time of service. We are able to provide invoices that include codes (CPT and diagnostic) for insurance submission. We currently do not participate with any private insurance companies. A few of our clinicians participate with behavioral health organizations that manage medicaid and CHP+ for Denver and Jefferson County.