DEVELOPMENTAL ASSESSMENTS. This type of assessment is focused on a child's development and includes consideration of social, emotional, communication, adaptive functioning and behavioral development from a psychological perspective. When necessary, this assessment is conducted in collaboration with professional from other disciplines, including speech and occupational therapists.

  • EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENTAL ASSESSMENTS. This type of assessment is used for young children when considering primary areas of development including cognitive, social, and emotional development.  Our clinicians are able to rely upon screeners, from other disciplines, to understand the potential need for further assessment in the areas of communication, gross motor and fine motor skills. This type of assessment is typically completed for young children (up to 6 years old). 
  • AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER ASSESSMENTS. This type of assessment is used when a child is referred with specific challenges relating to social-communication and behavior. Birch Psychology utilizes the gold standard assessments (ADOS: Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule - 2nd Edition); ADI-R: Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised), as well as a variety of assessments that consider cognition, behavior, and social/emotional development. When necessary, this assessment can be conducted in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines (Speech and Occupational Therapy). This type of assessment is available for children (12 months) through adulthood.